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Dear Parents/Guardians/Advocates,

  A-1 Universal Care, Inc. is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the people we support, our employees and our families. As such, staff trainings, policies and procedures, and precautionary measures have been implemented throughout the agency.

  • A-1 has provided it’s employees with educational materials and trainings to help understand how this virus is spread and how to keep everyone safe.
  • A-1 has instructed staff on the preventative measures necessary to limit the exposure to this virus.

The corona virus is a developing situation.  What can we all do to keep safe?

-Remain calm and stay informed  

To keep abreast of the most authoritative, up-to-date and comprehensive information, it is recommended that you visit one or all of the following sites:

-U.S. Centers for Disease Control Coronavirus page :

-U.S. National Library of Medicine Coronavirus Page:

-World Health Organization Coronavirus Page:

-Promote commonsense prevention

Precautions usually include basic things like:

-frequent handwashing

-use of hand sanitizer

-coughing into one’s sleeve

-sneezing into a tissue & throwing it away

-most importantly, keep your hands away from your face

-if you are sick, stay home and/or see your healthcare professional

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