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Programs & Services

Community Habilitation

Com Hab provides individualized support in life skills development, social skills, community inclusion and self-advocacy. Com Hab assists individuals with gaining independence at home and in the community while learning how to cope effectively with changes in their environment.

In-Home Respite

In-Home Respite provides a respite relief for the caregiver, helping to reduce overall family stress.  Respite services offers supervision and socialization to individuals in the safety of their home while allowing caregivers a break.

Site Based Respite

Site Based Respite provides group socialization and recreation opportunities in a structured, engaging environment. Participants engage in various games and sports activities with their peers with the support of program staff.

Day Habilitation Program without Walls

A-1 Universal Care, Inc.’s Program Without Walls (PWW) offers people the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, vocational skills and socialization skills.  With the support of dedicated and professional staff, individuals can participate in recreational and volunteer opportunities in and around their communities based on their interests and goals.  Participants engage in various tasks with our established volunteer locations on a weekly basis.

Supplemental Group Day Habilitation Program 

Supplemental Group Day Habilitation offers people the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, participate in local events and volunteer in their community.  With the support of dedicated and professional staff, individuals can socialize while building skills.

Fiscal Intermediary (FI)

The Fiscal Intermediary or FI is an agency that provides administrative and billing support to a person who chooses self-direction.  The Fiscal Intermediary is responsible for:

  • Completing background checks for self-hired staff;
  • Billing Medicaid or New York State for services in the budget;
  • Paying staff;
  • Tracking expenditures and
  • Providing monthly statements to the person.

FI supports allow individuals the flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you so you can live the life you want.

Broker Services

Broker Services helps a person exercise as much choice and control over their life as possible. Brokers guide individuals through initiation and maintenance of a self-directed budget and provides ongoing support.  Brokers help individuals identify their Circle of Support, plan their annual budget, provide education on services and community supports, provides training and support of staff and develop hab plans in addition to various other tasks agreed upon with the individual and broker.

Supported Employment

Supported employment services include Supported Employment (SEMP) and the Employment Training Program (ETP).

SEMP provides the supports individuals need to obtain and maintain paid competitive jobs in the community. Vocational Counseling and Job Coaching supports are provided to help individuals successfully maintain competitive employment.  Individuals with developmental disabilities will typically transition to SEMP after they have received supported employment services funded by the NYS Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR).

ETP offers individuals an opportunity to work in an internship that will lead to permanent employment in a community business.  During the internship, wages will be paid through ETP while the individual learns the skills needed for the job.  ETP participants also attend job readiness classes that present topics such as conflict resolution and how to dress for work.  ETP services include increased job development and job coaching as well as assistance with learning other employable skills.

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to Employment is a person-centered employment planning and support service that provides assistance for individuals to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment or self-employment.  This service offers an individualized planning process that helps individuals identify a career or vocational direction.  Within 12 months a participant should be able to state his/her career objective and prepare for Supported Employment services.

Non-Medicaid Case Management

Case Management provides advocacy and linkage & referral support to individuals who do not have Medicaid. The Case Manager will assist the individual and their parent(s) with accessing OPWDD Family Support Services and other necessary community supports. Where appropriate, individuals can be assisted with obtaining Medicaid eligibility.